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Chris Serico has deconstructed entertainment on national TV, interviewed A-listers, and written commentary highlighted by The New York Times and "Late Night."

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Fantastic 800x400 article

VIDEO: J.K. Rowling needed just one word to tell us what makes her think, 'Enough of This S***!'

At Thursday night's star-studded, black-carpet New York City premiere for "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them," J.K. Rowling needed just one word to tell Circa what makes her think "Enough of This S***!"

Daria20 article

VIDEO: 'Daria' turned 20 today. We're celebrating its history and legacy with its deadpan star.

Rather than standing on your neck, Circa is celebrating the series' history and legacy with the show's deadpan star, Tracy Grandstaff, and co-creator, Susie Lewis.

Chris serico photo article

VIDEO: Entertainment expert Chris Serico appears on TV Guide Network

Watch Chris Serico's clips and quips from TV Guide Network's national broadcast of "Sexy Beasts: Vamps, Wolves and Mutants."

Hanx article

VIDEO: Tom Hanks and Clint Eastwood gave us the inside scoop on 'Sully'

Circa attended the "Sully" movie premiere in New York City, where Tom Hanks, Clint Eastwood and Aaron Eckhart discussed everything from the heroism of Capt. Chesley Sullenberger to the pilot's hypothetical approach to snakes on a plane.

Data article
NY Daily News

Megan Fox

Megan Fox, starring in 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,' is red carpet-ready – but would rather avoid all the glitz.

Mets pic caps article

The 'Ben-Hur' of Sports: Behind 1986's Jubilant 'Let's Go, Mets'

The Mets wouldn't have won the World Series without this music video. Probably.

Witwics pic article

VIDEO: The PBS game show 'Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?' is 25 and still totally rules

In honor of the TV show's 25th anniversary, here are five ways the nostalgic favorite was like nothing else on TV.

160058 26c697cc 160e 493e a36e c8aa7755980c large1 article

VIDEO: Sheryl Crow shows Kid Rock love and tells us what makes her think, 'Enough of this s***!'

Nine-time Grammy winner Sheryl Crow has performed with everyone from Michael Jackson to Céline Dion, but another name came to mind when Circa visited her Nashville home and asked her about her greatest musical collaboration.

Open uri20140610 18603 15gtc10 article

J.J. Abrams

Years before the writer-director-producer helmed TV and movie hits, J.J. Abrams was a student at Sarah Lawrence College.

Open uri20140722 27988 ggk54 article
NY Daily News

Rob Reiner

The director says Hollywood no longer ‘makes movies about real people,' but does double duty in front and behind the camera to rectify that with his new movie, ‘And So It Goes.’

Sutton foster article

VIDEO: In non-terrifying clown news, 'Younger' star Sutton Foster once dated a 'nice' clown

Clowns could use some good P.R. these days, so leave it to "Younger" star Sutton Foster to do just that this week at PaleyFest in New York City, where she told Circa about the time she dated some clown. And not a figurative one, either.

Starbucks celebs article

VIDEO: Celebrities who can't be Starbucks baristas (in these outfits)

Some celebrities' outfits push boundaries far beyond even the most liberal corporate dress codes. For that reason and others, don't expect these stars to be working at a Starbucks, which recently updated its dress code.

Chris pratt joe henson cancer today 150413 8bd414949f7000478883cb2e2673b180.today inline large article

'Fear Isn't Real': Chris Pratt rallies for boy with cancer

Heralded for bringing joy to children who are in the hospital as part of a feel-good Super Bowl bet, Chris Pratt has been rallying behind a young brain-cancer patient whose motto is "Fear Isn't Real."

Brock lesnar article

VIDEO: Brock Lesnar cries. You got a problem with that?

We asked Brock Lesnar, Sasha Banks, Goldberg, and other WWE wrestlers about the last time they got in touch with their sensitive sides.

Open uri20140709 12236 1u74681 article

Greg Poehler

Greg Poehler on 'Welcome to Sweden,' Dirty Lobsters, and His Big Sister Amy.